was a clonetrooper of the Galactic Republic and later a storm commando of the Galactic Empire. He was apart of Titan Squad, and later Cinnamon Twists squad of the Galactic Empire. He is the gay lover of Blasty, a fellow clone trooper of Titan Squad. 

He is part-hutt and 9% of his DNA is Barack Obama. 


1137 was cloned from the DNA of Jango Fett during 22 BBY. He and the rest of his squad was trained by Rav Bralor, a Mandalorian of the Cuy'val Dar gathered by Jango Fett to train clonetroopers. He was adept in quickly repairing and even building Republic vehicles, such as when he built a tank after he and one of his squadmates were left abandoned on Geonosis. 

He took part in the First Battle of Geonosis, alongside his squad as they were tasked to assassinate the high ranking Geonosian separatist Papa Smakka. They infiltrated a droid factory on the planet and, after capturing a command post, killed Papa after tearing his kidneys out and beating him to death with his own kidneys. 

He later took part in the Battle of Coruscant, the Second Battle of
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Geonosis, the Battle of Mygeeto, and Operation: Knightfall. After Order 66, he and the rest of his squad transitioned into the Galactic Empire into a new squad. His fate after the death of Emperor Palpatine remains unknown, but it's speculated that he died sometime after the Battle of Jakku. 

Appearances Edit

  • Sense of Right Alliance: Adventures