Aaron Cash is a former security guard of Arkham Asylum, and a close friend and ally of Batman. Aaron eventually
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left Arkham after a tragic breakout conducted by the Joker, and decided to live at Han's Pizzeria in the dumpster in the back.


Descent into MadnessEdit

Living as a hobo, he could only eat any leftovers thrown in the dumpster by employees. Due to the addictive chemicals in Han's pizza, especially in the pizzas thrown out (due to an accidental overdose of the drugs), he had began to become insane. In his insanity, he created his own superhero team, that consisted of rats he trained to be martial artists. He went on a mission to save the President, which was actually a mission to kidnap a hotdog salesman with his army of rats and fight the police (thinking they were terrorists). He was later easily stopped by the Alliance, and sent to Arkham Asylum. Afterwards, Batman returned to the asylum to visit Cash, and remarked that he was his friend after seeing his inability to cook cheese correctly.


  • He first appeared in Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, and later the video game that loosely adapted the novel, Batman: Arkham Asylum.
  • His hand was bitten off by Waylon Jones.