Anthony Wiggle or simply just Anthony is the blue wiggle and the founding member of The Wiggles.

Background and Persona Edit

Anthony is well known for being the Wiggle who's always hungry, and is also known for playing multiple instruments in the band such as the drums, trumpet, guitar, bagpipes, violin, tin whistle and the kazoo. The drums are Anthony's main instrument.

In 1992, when The Wiggles first got their skivvies, Anthony was the Green Wiggle. He wore a short sleeved polo-shirt. He wore green possibly due to his Irish heritage. In the 1994 video called "Yummy Yummy" , he had a white shirt in the "Henry's Dance" music video due to how his green polo-shirt would become invisible with the green screen. From 1996 onward, his skivvy became blue.

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