Rough drafts

    November 21, 2017 by THEJJRAT

    Not to be confused with Mac Gargan, the Scorpion is a cross species specimen created by Oscorp, apart of a secretive project dedicated to developing human/animal hybrids. Developed by Dr. Otto Octavius, Scorpion is a hybrid of a human and black fat-tailed scorpion, with a touch of symbiote. Proud of the end result, which was significantly more humanoid than the other specimens, he nicknamed his creation "MAC", "my marvelous creation" (to Otto's annoyance, his labmates would call him Mac Daddy). He is a cunning specimen, and possibly the most intelligent out of all the Oscorp species. So intelligent, in fact, that he learned to speak a rough form of English after his second breakout. 

    Scorpion and the rest of the cross species escaped from c…

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    I've got my own universe going on, called "Earth-420" (see my scootiverse wiki for more on that, this page would be 200,000 words long if i tried to explain it without my brain exploding), and it has only had vague mentionings of the Alliance, so I figured I should expand on that

    Or maybe I'll make it a blog post here

    No wait that would be clunkly

    I don't know yet 

    I'll post the link when I make it capeesh okay my ass tastes like several variants of jolly ranchers somebody stop that maniac help he's dead Jim THEY'RE GONNA HAVE TO BURY YE IN A BLOODY SOUP CAN it's like bloody Christmas morning thanks for standing still wanker sandvich and I are c o m i n g f o r y o u


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    It was a sunny day in west I numerous where shrek liked to slap trees but then papa papa appeared and slapped a papa and shrek slapped papa papa so Batman arrived and slapped a tree which in turn summoned the Almighty shrek squad of north Atlantic cheese ok fog horns which is a being that slaps trees in kitty trees which are trees that grow in north Korea but then moon Knight appeared and did a little danced in which caused the universe to explode and unexplode in which captain phasma's clone from another universe appeared and said what and then did a conga and papa papa shrek Batman and moon Knight joined in but then yog-sothoth appeared and slapped their asses which caused Mars to be colonized by rats which caused a planet in another uni…

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    So I don't forget like a shrek monger

    Bold is for le shitpostio

    • Melvin FetT
      • Vile from Megaman
    • A Space Marine chapter that works for the Alliance
    • Death Squad Leader
    • A short, 50's style comic series made in Fallout and Gmod?
      • Kind of want to feature Zemok as a glowing one
    • Lord Starkiller
    • That talking tree from Dora
    • Rogue Assassin from BF2
    • Drek
    • Indrick Boreale
    • A crossover with Earth-420 and the animated/movie/game universe somewhere down the line
    • Pepsiwoman
    • Dr. Light
    • Skullomania
    • Moon Knight
    • Electrocutioner
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    bootleg toy I found on reddit

    September 19, 2017 by THEJJRAT

    Possibly Sense of Sith Alliance?

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  • Saliohoytia2525

    A fucking blog

    October 8, 2016 by Saliohoytia2525

    This is a fucking blog the the fucking fuck do you fucking want you fucking dumb fuck

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  • KillerHipster8000

    it's high noon

    August 14, 2016 by KillerHipster8000

    I’m Rick Harrison and this is my pawn shop. I work here with my old man and my son, Big Hoss, and in 23 years I’ve learned one thing. You never know what is gonna come through that door. Read more >

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