- Easy Pete

Easy Pete is a prospector of the Sense of Right Alliance. He was born and raised in Goodsprings, Nevada. He is often called the "Angel of Death" by criminals and villains everywhere, and anybody going up against the Pete will piss their pants on his command. 


Joining the AllianceEdit

In Goodsprings bar, where he spent most of his days, a couple of guys, who were up to no good, started making trouble in his neighborhood. One little fight and the President got scared, "youre joining a team of superheroes because holy shit"


Easy Pete wears a suit of tesla power armor, and wields a missile launcher and a giant plasma rifle. He can dispense dynamite from his anus. 

Super powersEdit

Pete can clone himself, but not like Naruto where they turn to dust in an hour or someshit. Clones. Like clone troopers but Pete. Pete troopers? Pete troopers. Pete once cloned himself 300,000 times in an instant while (playfully/for training) fighting Shrek. These clones are now considered a species, and they have since bred and migrated to other parts of the planet. They as known as the Peteians. Easy Pete migrations are considered a rare (though considerably rarer than spycrab migrations) amazing sight, and Easy Pete watching groups have emerged. 

He can also produce Easy Beams, omega beams but e a s y. When hitting an enemy, they transport the victim to another dimension or universe, depending on Pete's mood.