"Underground" Ernie is the kind-hearted manager of International Underground, and a brief member of the Sense of Right Alliance.

Persona and Background Edit

Ernie is the jolly, kind-hearted manager of International Underground. Ernie loves getting his job done but is always serious and stern when he needs to be. He is particularly good friends with Millie and Mr Rails and the engines of the Underground look up to him like a fatherly figure whenever they have a problem. The general public can rely on Ernie as he comes from a long line of underground supervisors.

Sense of Right Alliance Edit

To Be Added

Trivia Edit

  • Ernie is somewhat infamous on the internet for a meme called "Underground Ernie is Best Anime", which is a meme about how Underground Ernie is actually an anime.
  • He is slightly overweight.

Gallery Edit

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