Frank Exposition is a world famous photographer, traveler, and twin brother of Big Smoke. He is secretly an infamous heister who steals ancient artifacts and sells them off to the Black Market. 

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Frank lived in Grove Street alongside his twin brother Big Smoke. Both were elite members of the group.

Leaving Grove Street Edit

When he met a girl named Esther, he decided to leave Grove Street, much to the dismay of Big Smoke.

Becoming a Criminal Edit

One day, Frank got bored, and decided to steal some artifacts so he then sell them to the Black Market. Afterwards, he became known under the name Sleepy Jim.

Death Edit

When travelling to the North Pole, Frank was discovered by an elite First Order squadron. He was taken to a Star Destroyer, where he was asked what he knew about Project BlackWing. Frank said he didn't know anything, expecting to be set free, but was instead fed to the Undead Troopers. 

Appearances Edit

  • Sense of Right Alliance: Prelude (First appearance)
  • Sense of Right Alliance