Gorbo Ghostman, formerly known as Gorbo Grandman, is a superhero, ghost and member of the Sense of Right Alliance. 


Early lifeEdit

Gorbo Grandman was a happy man in his early years. He cooked all the hotdogs he could eat, he danced all night to music, and he talked to his pet hotdog Mr. Dog. Things were alright, he supposed. But one night, Gorbo cooked a hotdog wrong and burnt his house down. Petrified from shock and panicked, he ran into the fire and burnt to death, free from the struggles of his hotdog eating life. He then descended into Heaven, where he met his other Gorbo brothers who died in a trainwreck in 87'.

While eternal life in Heaven was great and all, things got depressing when the citizens of Heaven kept flocking to his bathroom and when his brothers drowned in the outdoor pool. He went and found Death, who was fishing for trout in the coasts of Heaven, where Gorbo said Heaven just wasn't the place for him. The Reaper understood this, and casted him down to Earth. And yes, this is the origin story of famous Marvel Comics character Gorbo Ghostman.

Joining the Sense of Right Alliance (sort of) Edit

After running after many purse thieves and eating many hotdogs, he decided that he needed to join the big leagues if he was ever going to have a comic book series, an MCU tie-in film, and a trading card game (How the fuck is he getting an MCU film. This is Earth-20031567, not Earth-199999). Thus, he contacted the Sense of Right Alliance and asked the team if he could join, but Samus (the actual leader of the Alliance) told him to wait, since the team was full. 


Trivia Edit

  • Secret ingredient is poopies
  • Originally from the Basically: Sims 4 video.