Jeff Wiggle, or simply just Jeff, is the man in the purple shirt that is apart of The Wiggles.

Background and Persona Edit

Jeff is the Wiggle that always feels sleepy every minute or so. If he does, yell "WAKE UP JEFF!". He has played both guitar and keyboard in The Wiggles' early videos before switching to keyboard and accordion only. He did continue to play drums and guitar as well as keyboard at concerts however, making him one of the Wiggles to have played all three main instruments. He missed one of The Wiggles' shows in 2011 because there was a pacemaker in his heart.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the oldest wiggle out of all of The Wiggles
  • He is also the shortest and skinniest Wiggle.
  • Despite playing the keyboard a lot, in The Wiggles' concert Live Hot Potatoes! He said his favorite instrument was the drums which is a bit weird considering the fact he is not lead drummer.
  • In the early days of The Wiggles, Jeff wore a Felix the Cat belt. But after the Wake Up Jeff! video was released, he wore a regular belt.