Little Zach
is a demonic being created by Illuminati scientists. After escaping from Illuminati HQ, he was found by the CEO of Zaxby's, who adopted him and forced him to produce fried chicken and Zaxby's sauce in a factory via brutal torture methods. He is the reason that Zaxby's is the sole greatest fast food place on the planet, as he was designed to produce only the finest fried chicken, yo. 


The Flood of 87'Edit

On December 1987, Zaxby's used Zach as their "mascot", making it seem that it was a man in a chicken costume. They let him preform in a Zaxby's within Jarate Town, along with two hobos they kidnapped. As the people of Jarate Town enjoyed their lunch, Zach suddenly went into a fit of unstoppable rage and shot hundreds of fried chicken strips out of his ass per second, and began throwing people out windows. The hobos joined him in his crusade, beating people with sticks and soda cups as they screamed like madmen. Soon, the entire building was flooded with sauce, fries, and chicken, and suffocated everyone in the building. Zach escaped, being tracked down by Murkywater mercs hired to catch him. The event was covered up as a dishwasher malfunction. 

Appearances Edit

  • Zaxby's: The Animated Series 
  • Sense of Right Alliance