The Milano is a customized Ravager M-Ship used by Peter Quill and the Guardians fo the Galaxy.

History Edit

Beginning Edit

The Milano was used by the Ravagers for hunting down treasures and capturing goods. After Ravager leader Yondu Udonta captured young Peter Quill, he gave the ship to Quill when he was 10 years old. Since then, Quill has flown the Milano for criminal use.

Trivia Edit

  • Before the Guardians of the Galaxy movie came out, the Milano didn't exist in the comics. It was made for the movie.
  • It was named after Peter Quill's childhood crush Alyssa Milano.
  • For Avengers: Infinity War, the Milano received an updated design. In Sense of Right Alliance, however, the original design was kept.
  • The Milano's color scheme is similar to the one seen in Ego's 1979 Ford Mustang.

Appearances Edit