Pablo was a dog who was forced to be a drug mule dog. After escaping the people that were using him, he joined a drug education service named FRANK, so he could tell to people how drugs are bad.

History Edit

The Drug Mule Dog Edit

Pablo was abducted by a group of teenagers who wanted to transport cocaine illegaly. After realising he had a gash on his stomach, he told the teenagers that he was just a dog, and not a briefcase, but they didn't mind (Mainly since they were high AF). After seeing the teenagers drug themselves, Pablo managed to escape the group, and get back to London, where he talked to FRANK, and decided to join the service in order to help people with drug problems.

Trivia Edit

  • Pablo was created for a commercial for the FRANK campaign agaisnt cocaine, where it's shown that Pablo was used to transport drugs.
  • Pablo was voiced by David Mitchell.

Appearances Edit

  • Talk to FRANK commercial - Pablo the Drug Mule Dog
  • Sense of Right Alliance