Spider-Man Tight Squeeze
is a terrorist group made up of ex-KGB agents. They mainly did mercenary work when not pushing their anti-American agenda, and once pulled a heist on experimental diamonds used to create weaponry for the U.S. military. 

History Edit

Empire NewsEdit

After being forced to fled from a heist by Spider-Man, they decided to lure the vigilante into a trap to kill him. They held the Empire News building hostage, giving Spider-Man thirty minutes before the building was destroyed. However, Peter Parker was inside of the building at the time, and disarmed the experimental Russian bombs. 

Attack on Stark Tower Edit

After failing to kill Spider-Man during the Empire incident, they went dark for a number of years, only doing small jobs every now and then. However, when the Sense of Right Alliance was formed, they sought to attack Stark Tower, owned by a company who sold many weapons in the past, to "send a message". They broke into the building, intending to kill Tony Stark, before being single handedly defeated by the ogrelord. 

Appearances Edit

  • Sense of Right Alliance: The Animated Series (First appearance)