R2-Q2 (also spelled Artoo Kyootoo) and usually just called Q2, is an astromech droid of the R2-series who served in the Galactic Empire and later the Rebel Alliance along with The Resistance.

Background Edit

R2-Q2 served for the Galactic Empire for several decades with an Imperial reconnaissance fleet in the Expansion Region aboard the Star Destroyer Devastator. He had one of the most extensive maps and list of systems inside of his databanks. Q2 was also among the Imperial droids that scoured the Tantive IV's databanks for information after that vessel was captured over Tatooine in 0 BBY.

Sometime around the year 2 ABY, he was captured by Kyle Katarn to look through his databanks regarding info about the Imperials. After he and the Rebellion found what they wanted, a soldier hacked into his systems and turned his alignment from bad, to good. 30 years after the Battle of Endor, R2-Q2 served The Resistance as a member of Phantom Squadron.

Sense of Right Alliance Edit

R2-Q2 was regarded as the most intelligent Astromech Droid of the Resistance, due to his extensive knowledge and information he stored in his Databank.

Trivia Edit

  • R2-Q2 has been made by Lego on one occasion. He was included on the 2011 set called "7915 Imperial V-Wing Starfighter".
  • He had a cameo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, appearing along the Resistance moments before Rey and Chewie leave the base to look for Luke Skywalker.

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