Rebel Friend was a freedom fighter from the planet of Taris. As a child, he enjoyed recollecting things he would find lying around, such as Old Republic items. He served Leia Organa during the early days of the Resistance, being the captain of Renegade Squadron, an elite task force created for stealth missions.

Persona and Background Edit

His real name unknown, Rebel Friend pretty much looks like your regular dude, but he's from space. He's calm, and pretty cool, but can get serious when needed. He is annoyed by loud noises, so he really doesn't like going on missions with Renegade Squadron.

Early Life Edit

During his childhood, Rebel Friend was part of a poor family, which makes sense considering he's from Taris, which in itself is a very poor planet. Most of time was centered on collecting Old Republic objects, such as Republic Trooper helmets, and spare pieces from starfighters. He grew up dreaming of becoming a professional podracer, a dream that never came true.

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