Richard Martinez is the 46th president of the United States of America, succeding Donald Trump after his death. He has a daughter named Sophie Martinez, who ended befriending Cory Baxter.

He often helps the Sense of Right Alliance with information and supplies.

History Edit

Becoming the President Edit

In 2018, Richard ran for president after Donald Trump's demise. Seeking to continue fixing the United States, as well as creating new systems that would help the citizens, as well as the inmigrants. He ended up winning the elections.

The Multiverse Crisis Edit

To Be Added

Trivia Edit

  • Richard Martinez first appeard in the Disney sitcom show Cory in the House. In said show, he was 42, instead of 45.
  • Although this isn't official, it appears that Richard was modeled after real life President George W. Bush.

Appearances Edit

  • Cory in the House (First appearance)
  • Sense of Right Alliance

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