Hailing from the advanced society of Australia, Saxton Hale is the CEO of Mann Co. and the fourth richest man on Earth. He is known for selling dangerous machines, hats, and weaponry, and supplies S.H.I.E.L.D. (and sometimes the Alliance) with weaponry and fashionable cosmetics.


Birth (B.S)Edit

In Earth-69420, Hale was born from Chuck Norris, Doomguy, Alduin, and Darth Revan after a steamy night on Cybertron. However, soon after his birth, Cybertron was attacked by a Sith fleet. While Chuck ate entire Star Destroyers and Doomguy rip and tore his way through synths and Combine troops, Revan put Saxton in an escape pod incase they lost. Though the result of the battle has since been lost to history, it is known that the pod landed somewhere in New Mexico. He was raised by Mann Co. owner Bilious Hale, and often wrestled bears and gargantua. Even at the ripe age of one, being badass was his name-o.

After Birth (A.S)Edit

After becoming 40, he was transported to Earth-20031567 by the entity known as Fagtrrastrugiffsh. When he arrived to the new dimesion, he found out he became inmortal. While travelling the new universe, he found the Mann Co counterpart from that reality. He killed Bill Straham, who had taken over Mann Co in Earth-20031567. Afterwards, he took over Mann Co and became the richest man on Earth.


  • Australia is shaped like his chest hair.
  • He is the president of several countries.


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