Developed by Kuat Drive Yards, the Shadow AT-AT was a shadow variant of the All Terrain Armored Transport, used by the Galactic Empire. Due to it's size, noise, and overall clumsiness, it was never used for stealth missions, but rather to intimidate enemies. It was eventually replaced by the Elite AT-AT, an improved version of the Shadow AT-AT. This was considered a downgrade by Imperial pilots, as it lacked meatball warfare.


AT-AT had thicker and darker armor, and the rope of a Rebel snowspeeder would easily snap if used around their "legs". It could hold around forty Imperial personnel, and usually carried shadow variants (such as a shadowtrooper or a shadow EVO trooper) of troopers. The AT-AT had laser cannons and huge cannons underneath of it that dropped steaming hot meatballs over enemies attempting to sabotage it.

An AT-AT of this variant was incredibly blaster proof, and could only be disabled or destroyed with an ion explosive or a nuclear lasagne.


  • The Shadow AT-AT first appeared as a die-cast figurine produced by Hasbro.