The Wiggles Vector

The Wiggles are a Australian children's band.

Fictional Background Edit

The Wiggles' early history is somewhat of a mystery of how they all got together, but one thing's for sure is that they've been singing and dancing since they were children and have been living in their world, "Wiggles World," for the longest time. The members of the band are Greg Wiggle, Anthony Wiggle, Murray Wiggle, and Jeff Wiggle.

Greg Wiggle Edit


Greg Wiggle, or simply just Greg, is the lead singer of the Wiggles who wears the yellow shirt.

Anthony Wiggle Edit


Anthony Wiggle, or simply just Anthony, is the wiggle who wears the blue shirt and is the instrumentalist that loves eating food.

Murray Wiggle Edit


Murray Wiggle, or simply just Murray, is the wiggle who wears the red shirt that loves playing the guitar.

Jeff Wiggle Edit


Jeff Wiggle, or simply just Jeff, is the wiggle who wears the purple shirt that always falls asleep every minute or so.

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