Zomak the Destroyer is a intergalactic dictator, chef, Sith lord, President of Norway, Saturday Morning Cartoon villain, and sand enthusiast who has enslaved and conquered countless planets and galaxies. He was born as a result of the Big Bang, and was turned into a ghoul by the radiation from the brand new universe. He then screamed, creating a starship with his vocal cords. He then set out to the Bacon Slice galaxy, killing and enslaving the people of said galaxy. He is a regular villain to the Alliance, as he often attempts to take over the Milky Way, but constantly fails due to plot bullshittery. 

He can generate a moustache for him to twirl at will. 


The Shrek Factory Edit

Zomak, after leaving the Bacon Slice (which was now a galaxy wide lasagna and fidget spinner factory), was hungry for more to enslave. He found himself in the Milky Way, and established his first base of operations on Mars. He slaughtered the NASA soldiers there, eating their bones and using their meat for his universe famous meatball recipe. He built a huge factory that constantly pumped out ogres, assembling an army of molerats and ogres for an attack force on Earth. However, the Sense of Right Alliance discovered his devious plan after Shrek slapped a tree named Joey, and they planned an invasion on Mars. S.H.I.E.L.D. sent various star destroyers filled with soldiers to Mars, the Alliance beamed inside of the factory. 

They attempted to sneak through the facility, but this failed when Shrek ate an onion on accident. This alerted the security systems, the Alliance now having to destroy strategic spots around the facility while getting shot at by laser turrets and security ogres. After destroying most of the cloning vats and overloading the factory's dark energy core, they were confronted by Zomak. Zomak easily overwhelmed them with his plot lasers and legions of ogres, but he was finally defeated when Batman threw a special plotarang into his crotch. Zomak fled, leaving his ogres to be arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. 

The remains of the factory was then turned into a museum displaying artifacts related to spaghetti and lasagna. 

Australium HeistEdit

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